Our purpose of building Quran App is to make Quran reading, search and research easy for everyone. Being an IT company, we want to contribute in spreading and understanding Allah’s word by enduring all development and maintenance costs. You can also contribute to this noble cause by making donations.

What your donations will do?

We are building an app that will encourage millions of people around the world to read, explore, research and do advanced analysis of the Quran every single day inshaAllah. Our efforts are:

Mobile Apps

Constant development with all features support of iOS and Android apps

Web Server Development

Web server development cost for updating translations and communication with mobile apps with centralized database.

Server Hosting & Storage Costs

To maintain and bear expenses of servers; to host recitations, translations, your Notes, collections and much more.

Future Development (Mac & Web App)

We also want to develop Mac and Web App, so everyone can use Quran App on their desired platform.

Adding More Translations & Tafseers

To add more collections of Translations, Tafseers by multiple translators and mufassirs

Proof Reading

Proof reading of all the data in order to check and rectify mistakes.

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